Continuing the Care: Josh (Kindred Dallas Central)

Kindred Healthcare
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I am the ICU Education and Floor manager and I'm at Kindred Dallas Central. We need to know our skill and we need to know how to care for our patients and since I do have a passion for it I feel like teaching is something I do well and I love nursing so it's easy to teach nursing. They're patients, yea, but they don't want to be here anymore than we would want to be here so I just talk to them. Some of them I walk by everyday so I just say hi. And you get to know them, and you get to know their families and then they become family to me so that's how I care for them. That's how i want to be taken care of. If you get to make them smile, if you get to make them have a good day, it's worth it. As long as I can leave knowing I did that I'm good. You know I would always explain to my patients in kind of a juvenile way, I'd say humpty dumpty fell of the wall and broke. He went to the short term acute care and was glued back together and then he came to kindred or a long term acute for everything else. I like to watch the everything else happen. To get up.To stand up for 15 minutes like some of the patients did today. To get them in a wheelchair. To watch the family. You know, you get time to develop a relationship with them and really manage your care. In ER it was get them better get them out and even in the ICU when I worked we had them for two weeks but you never got to really see how they went home and I get to see how they go home here. And we get them sick. We get them as ICU patients, but we also get to see them ring the bell on the way out.

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